Jarno Luoma-Nirva

Online Comics

Better known as a writer and Interactive Fiction author, Adam Cadre has written scripts for this online comic as well. The results are not bad at all. Like much of his other works, this fluctuates between comedy and tragedy.
Order of the Stick
Good old tabletop roleplaying with stick figures and epic quests.
God with (bad) sense of humor, poor Devil trying to get along despite God`s cruel gags, and an aspring young pimp to give the series some human touch.
Sluggy Freelance
One of the oldest webcomics still going strong. Also one of my all-time favourites. Time machines, demon summoning, action, romance, continuity. And at times it`s pretty funny, too. What makes this one exceptional, however, is that it has storylines spanning for several months, the history affects present, the characters have complex and changing relationships with each other and they actually develop during the series. This means that the comic needs to be read all the way from the humble beginning to appreciate its true niftiness. For me, it was the "Vampires"-storyline (Book 2, Chapter 8) that finally cinched it. Some storylines completely change the style of the comic, like the Fire and Rain (Book 8, Chapter 27), which chucks the humor almost completely.
User Friendly
Slightly more humane comic than Dilbert. Plenty of Linux vs. Windows-jokes.


Avoin elämä (fi)
Suomalainen kirja Open Sourcesta. Sopii maallikoillekin. Kirja on myös itse vapaasti luettavissa.
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow
Science fiction story about world of abundance, reputation economy and Disneyland. Available for free download under a creative commons licence.
Eric S. Raymond
One of the top figures of the Open Source Initiative and author of several good books, which are available on his web site. Probably most famous of them is The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Other good ones are The Jargon File explaining hacker slang and culture and The Art of Unix Programming, more about programming philosophy than actual techniques. His other writings are also worth checking. He also happens to be a libertarian.
Security Engineering
Surprisingly entertaining book, I suspect even non-engineers might like this despite the title. Especially the cautionary case studies when security fails often spectacularly are sometimes funny, sometimes tragic but pretty much always interesting. Also contains a fair deal of economics and politics including Public vhoice theory because failure to understand incentives is often the reason why security does not always work as well as one might expect.