Jarno Luoma-Nirva


I am a liberal. I believe in individual freedom and limited government. I think government should provide internal and external security (police and army) and ensure that each citizen has basic necessities to survive (food and a place to live) and has access to basic health care and basic education. Outside of that, government should not interfere with individual`s life.

(More precisely, I’m somewhere between classical liberal (or libertarian) and social liberal. Term “Bleeding Heart Libertarian” might be close. My score on World`s Smallest Political Quiz: Personal Self-Government 100%, Economic Self-Government 80%.)

Some miscellaneous points:

  • Government should not grant monopolies, privileges or subsidies to any particular company, industry, organization or religious group.
  • Law should not contain victimless crimes.
  • Direct democracy is better than representative democracy.
  • Even the best of democracies is still tyranny by majority. Where possible, decisions should be made individually rather than collectively.


Electronic Frontier Finland ry
Organization promoting freedom of speech, personal privacy and user rights in copyright laws.
Human Rights Watch
Independent, nongovernmental organization dedicated to protecting human rights and exposing violations. Accepts no government funding, only donations from private individuals and organizations.

Articles and blogs

Thoughtery (en/fi)
Liberal blog by Patrick Uotinen. Contains both Finnish and English entries.
Vapaasana.net (fi)
Verkkolehti. Runsaasti hyviä artikkeleita.
World`s Smallest Political Quiz
To find out where you stand on the political map.

Election methods

Voting system-page in Wikipedia
Plenty of information about different voting systems.
Äänestämisen ongelmia (fi)
Veli Peltolan artikkeli tiedelehti Seepiassa.


Johan Norberg
Swedish writer, author of In Defence of Global Capitalism. Worth checking is also his Questions and Answers about Capitalism.
Mikko Särelä (fi)
Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin-ryhmän perustaja. Entinen piraatti, nykyää Vihreissä.
Sampo Syreeni
has written a host of interesting texts, some of them political. (fi: Sivuilta löytyy myös suomenkielinen Libertarismi-FAQ.)