Jarno Luoma-Nirva

Research Assistant at Digital Media Institute

Statement from the project leader

Mr. Luoma-Nirva was employed in a project in which he was involved in the development of realtime software-based MPEG-2 decoder running on the Pentium III processor in Windows environment. In particular he was involved in the development of algorithms using Pentium processor multimedia instructions. This required detailed knowledge of the Pentium processor programming and program optimization.

We found Mr. Luoma-Nirva is able to learn new things quickly and solve difficult problems. His programming skills are good and it was very satisfying to work with him.

Dr. Irek Defee, Professor

Detailed hours:

  • 1999-02-08 / 1999-05-31 15h/week
  • 1999-06-01 / 1999-08-31 full time
  • 1999-09-01 / 1999-12-31 8h/week
  • 2000-01-01 / 2000-03-10 30h/week

This makes a bit over 1000 total hours, which corresponds about 7 months of full-time employment.

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