Jarno Luoma-Nirva


Department of Information Technology
Institute of Software Systems

LUOMA-NIRVA, JARNO: Training Simulator for Optical Range Finder
Master of Science Thesis, 57 pages.
Inspectors: Prof. Tommi Mikkonen and M.Sc. Jukka Raivio
Funding: Instrumentointi Ltd
October 2004
Keywords: Training Simulator, Optical Range Finder, Virtual Environments

Optical range finders are commonly used in artillery and naval forces. A stereoscopic optical range finder relies on human stereo vision to measure the distance to a target. This requires a lot of practice, because the accuracy of the measurements can vary greatly depending on the skill and proficiency of the user. Training simulators have been very useful in training for many different kinds of tasks from piloting a fighter to driving a tank and guiding artillery fire. However, so far there has been no training simulator for stereoscopic optical range finders. When Instrumentointi developed a combined training simulator for an anti-aircraft section, which allows section`s three artillery crews and fire control staff train simultaneously, this included a simulator for the stereoscopic range finder.

In this thesis the software for this simulator was developed and the operation of the simulator was tested. The simulator consists of a real optical range finder to which an external device is added. The device has displays for both eyes and an orientation tracker. The virtual environment is provided by SimCore simulator platform, which is also developed by Instrumentointi. These allow the user to see the virtual environment through the lenses of the range finder, look around and practice measuring distances to both stationary and moving targets in situations and settings which are as realistic as possible.